Where is your collection agency outsourcing your Missouri Debt collection case?

Where is your collection agency outsourcing your Missouri Debt collection case?

It happens on an almost weekly basis, a third party outsourcing company is looking for an attorney, any attorney, to handle the trial of a Missouri collection case.  Sometimes these people are downright frantic.  It looks like the attorney that filed the case either 1. Doesn’t know how to try to case; 2. Doesn’t want to drive down from St. Louis, Kansas City or Columbia and actually handle the case they are wanting to get paid on.

It just blows my mind that often, these third party companies are desperate to find a lawyer to show up and handle the trial TOMORROW!

Unfortunately, the creditor in this case probably has no idea that the case they entrusted to their collection agency have been handled this way.  The agency is playing the numbers and hired a law firm for a cut rate (without cutting the agency fee to the creditor I bet) and now the lawyer doesn’t want actually handle the trial, so they are looking to pay some lawyer with nothing else to do tomorrow $125 to sit around all afternoon for a trial.

Do You Really Need a Middleman for Your Missouri Debt Collection?

More and more credit managers are recognizing that they no longer needing to place their Missouri debt collection cases with collection agencies.  Why would you want to with any debt over $3,000?

Our Springfield Missouri debt collection law firm offers the same services as a collection agency. However, while the collection agency cannot take your case to trial, our Missouri debt collection lawyers can, if necessary.

Plus what do you think is more effective: a letter from Acme Collections or a lawyer?  What would get your attention?

If you start off with a collection agency and that agency is unsuccessful and suggests filing a lawsuit, then that collection agency will eventually outsource the debt to an attorney. I know of some agencies that make a couple calls.  Send a letter and sit on your claim for 90 days and then send the case to a lawyer.  The end result usually is that your costs go up because now the collection agency has to increase the percentage of the debt they keep so they can compensate the law firm (who does the real work).

Please note that the debt collection agency will still continue to take their fee.

For failing!

How is this a good deal for your company?

So effectively, by going this traditional route, you have basically hired a middleman with their associated overhead who really hasn’t brought anything useful to the table.

Our fees never change.  Its 25% from day one.  You would only pay litigation costs such as filing fees if a lawsuit is filed (which you are going to do anyway)

This doesn’t mean my office will file a lawsuit on every case as we reserve the right to no take any claim and may decide after starting the process that a lawsuit is not economically feasible.

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