Flat Fee Demand Letter Service

One of our debt collection services is a low cost solution to collect past due commercial accounts where your customers will be given a last chance to make a payment directly to you or risk going to court.

Flat Fee Demand Letter Service - Missouri Debt Collection Services

If your company has provided commercial goods or services to a business or individual and have not been paid, you can use this low cost alternative to get the customer’s attention with an official letter from a lawyer. Ask yourself, “Do you ignore letters from lawyers?”

After a review of your supporting documentation by a Missouri collection attorney, we will send a letter from a lawyer to your debtor directing them to make payment arrangements directly to you.

The fee for this review of documents and letter is $59 per account. Volume discounts are available.  We can place a call to the debtor for an additional fee as well.

Please note this service is only available for COMMERCIAL DEBT. It is NOT available for CONSUMER DEBT.