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Missouri Collections Lawyer, Best Collection Law Firm in Springfield Missouri ,Has it really been 8 years since the since the 2008 economic collapse?  Bankruptcy filings shot up and it seemed as if no borrower could pay back any loan, particularly those real estate development loans that only a few years earlier seemed like “no lose” loans. As a result of the record number of loan defaults, lenders throughout Missouri obtained thousands of judgments against borrowers and guarantors. These judgments, obtained in 2008-2010, were dismissed by lenders as “uncollectible” and quickly put on a shelf to gather dust.

Those judgments, which are now 6-8 years old, will expire soon, and a lender must take affirmative action to keep their judgments alive. In Missouri, a judgment (and the lien on real property created by the judgment) expire ten years from the date of the judgment. The statutes provide that no execution may be issued after the judgment, and its corresponding lien, expire.

Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 516 lists Missouri’s applicable statutes of limitation for nearly all civil actions. R.S.Mo. § 516.120 states that actions on contract (except upon a writing) shall be maintained within five years. Other causes of action filed on debts (such as suits on open account, account stated, quantum meruit, etc.) will have their own statutes of limitations. Missouri probably does not include most boilerplate agreements as made “upon a writing,” unless executed by the party against whom the contract is to be enforced. Missouri judgments are governed by statute (Revised Statutes of Missouri Chapter 511) and Supreme Court Rule (Rule of Civil Procedure 74). Most Missouri domestic judgments remain enforceable for a period of ten years, unless revived by statutory action or payment into court upon the judgment. R.S.Mo. § 516.350. Exceptions may arise in the case of support/maintenance judgments or orders.

So what should a lender do with all those uncollected judgments obtained during the downturn? Missouri provides a simple process to “renew” the judgment. In order to keep your judgment alive, a lender needs to file a new lawsuit suing on the former judgment. This is a simple process and there are very few defenses that can be raised. Once the lender succeeds on this new lawsuit, it will have obtained a new judgment that will last another ten years.

How much will this cost?

Every county sets their own court costs, so what may be a viable case in Springfield Missouri may not be a case you would want to file in Marshfield Missouri or Lebanon Missouri. As a result, the inclusion of a provision in a contract or credit application that provides for the recovery of the attorney’s fees by a prevailing party may determine whether or not a party finds it cost effective to initiate litigation.

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