Is Your Missouri Collection Lawyer Outsourcing Your Debt Collection Case?

Is Your Missouri Collection Lawyer Outsourcing Your Debt Collection Case?

Is your collection lawyer outsourcing your company’s Springfield Missouri debt collection case? Do you need another reason to hire a Springfield Missouri debt collection lawyer and meet with your Missouri debt collection lawyer before hiring him or her?

I was recently approached by one of the companies that many collection agencies, some lawyers use to outsource their client’s cases offering me the opportunity to appear at a hearing 15 MINUTES before the hearing time for an absurdly low flat rate attorney fee.

Who took the case? Who knows. It could be the best debt collection lawyer in Springfield Missouri (highly unlikely) or it could be someone who has never had a Missouri commercial debt collection case before. The problem is this particular creditor doesn’t know who the collection agency, or collection mill law firm they hired for to collect the money they are owed. Also, they tried to find anyone who would show up to court and try the case for them was, probably whoever was willing to accept the ridiculous fee or maybe had that day free to pick up an appearance fee. The creditor placed their trust and faith in this collection agent or bulk collection law firm and this is how they were repaid. Scheduling conflicts happen but does scrambling for a lawyer 15 minutes before court sound like the place you want to put your company’s financial well being?

What The Collection Agencies Don’t Want You To Know
The first dirty little secret is that often these collection cases are bidding to the cheapest lawyer. You may be saying, “But isn’t that a good thing? Doesn’t it save my company money?” Unfortunately, no. Your fee will be the same regardless of what the agency negotiates with their hand-picked “whoever will do it the cheapest” lawyers.

The second dirty little secret is many of these high volume “dirt cheap” collection lawyers that the collection agencies hire don’t actually try your case themselves either. Instead, they in turn further bid out the work, including the trial itself for your debt to the lowest bidder, often as low as $45 to try your case, to whatever lawyer who doesn’t have anything better to do with their time than wait around all afternoon at the courthouse to try your case.

The lowest bidder is not what you want in this situation. The attorney will get his or her few (very few)  dollars from the company win or lose. Do you think this person is motivated by sharing the risk of a no win-no fee contingency case?

As I have said before if you don’t meet the attorney who will handle your Missouri debt collection case for you at the initial meeting, LEAVE.

Do You Really Need a Middleman for Your Debt Collection?
More and more credit managers are recognizing that they no longer needing to place their Missouri debt collection cases with collection agencies.

Our debt collection law firm offers the same services as a collection agency. However, while the collection agency cannot take your case to trial, our Missouri debt collection lawyers can, if necessary.

If you start off with a collection agency and that agency is unsuccessful and suggests filing a lawsuit, then that collection agency will eventually outsource the debt to an attorney. The end result usually is that your costs go up because now the collection agency has to increase the percentage of the debt they keep so they can compensate the law firm. Note that they still continue to take their fee. For failing.

So effectively, by going this traditional route, you have basically hired a middleman with their associated overhead who really hasn’t brought anything useful to the table.

Is your collection lawyer outsourcing your company’s Springfield Missouri debt collection case?

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