Property Management Evictions

Missouri law has an expedited process to evict non-paying tenants. In Missouri this is known as a rent and possession action under Missouri Landlord Tenant Law. We handle these cases on a flat fee basis and NOT on a contingency basis.

Property Management Evictions – Missouri Landlord Tenant Law

The key in these instances is speed.  You must accept that when a tenant fails to pay rent, it is unlikely that they are going to “catch up”.  The question you must answer is “Do I want to be owed 1 month’s rent or 3-4 months?”  It is generally better to quit throwing good money after bad, get the nonpaying tenant out and try to find a better tenant.  The sad reality is, in some cases it is better to have the unit empty than occupied by a nonpaying tenant.  Whether you have one rental property or hundreds of rental properties, we can handle your rent and possession action at a very competitive rate.

Missouri law also recognizes another cause of action for unlawful detainer. Unlawful detainer is different than a rent and possession action. Though the differences are technical, an unlawful detainer action allows you to remove a tenant who is improperly staying on the property after their lease term is expired.

If you have a question about evictions, the rent and possession process and unlawful detainer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please note we represent only property owners and property managers in these actions and only in Missouri.