When To Hire A Missouri Debt Collection Attorney

Collecting on past due accounts can be confusing if you are not versed in Missouri debt law.  If your company has extended credit to your customers/clients – unpaid invoices and delinquent accounts receivables are a cost of doing business for many small business owners, companies, and corporations.

It an unfortunate fact of life, but some of your customers never planned to pay for the goods or services your company provided. The reality is that the delinquent account is less likely to be paid every day that goes by.

You sent numerous past due notices, letters, made countless calls to the customer, set up meetings and nothing worked.

Maybe you were responsible for extending the credit.  Maybe you weren’t.  Regardless its sitting on your desk to take care of now.

Now maybe you are thinking of sending the account to a collection agency.  Maybe that’s what has always been done.  Unfortunately, this will only be more of the same: letters and phone calls.  Meanwhile everyday that goes by the debt gets harder to collect.

Maybe in 6 months or a year the collection agency may try to get a lawyer involved.  They’ll still wanting to get paid for failing the last year by increasing the percentage of the debt they want to charge you.  In some cases 50% or more of what is recovered.

When To Contact Us - Missouri Debt Collector

Our Missouri Contingency Fee Debt Lawyer Recovers Your Company’s Business Debt Collection and Corporate Debt

If you have not been successful in getting your past due account customers to pay after sending a bunch of letters and all of the above mentioned maybe it is time to change your strategy and hire a Missouri debt collection attorney on a contingency fee basis. Our fees do not change. It is 25% of what is recovered plus costs and expenses.

The benefit of hiring a Missouri contingency lawyer debt lawyer to a traditional debt collector is that you do not pay a legal fee in advance. We are only paid a fee if successful in collecting money owed to you. If your contracts with the debtor allow, we also pursue attorney’s fees and costs from the debtor. This will either lower or eliminate the fee altogether.

Please note that a legal fee differs from a legal cost or expense such as a court filing fee that would be due prior to a lawsuit being filed.  This varies by the county in which the lawsuit must be brought.

Additionally this does not cover the fees and costs associated with the defense of any counterclaim the debtor may bring against your company.  These type defenses are handled on an hourly rate basis.