When To Hire A Property Management Lawyer – Landlord Tenant Law MO

When To Hire A Property Management Lawyer - Landlord Tenant Law MO

If you manage or own a few rental properties, you are unlikely to have a lawyer on staff or even “on retainer”. However, you do have to be able to recognize situations when expert help is needed, even if it’s just for some advice. Landlords are no different than any other type of business owner, they want to make their business profitable while avoiding problems. Hiring a lawyer, who practices landlord tenant law, to help achieve these goals is a move towards protecting yourself in the future. Some common situations where a lawyer is needed are:

Evicting a Tenant

An eviction lawsuit takes much less time than regular civil cases, in most states including in Missouri. This happens because landlords must follow very detailed and strict rules, from notifying the tenant of the lawsuit to filing out the right forms. Also, since it is the tenant’s home that is at stake, many judges will set expectations and qualifications very high when it comes to ruling in the landlord’s favor.

Tenant Injury or Illness

If a tenant sues you and claims that she got hurt or sick because of your carelessness, you’ll definitely want to hire a lawyer. The first thing you should do is report this problem to your insurance company.  They will hire a lawyer for you.  Most of the time, personal injury lawyers know these cases and the rules that follow, much better than you do. Also, as a landlord, you may find it hard to confront a tenant who has suffered a loss, even if you do not think it was your fault.

Property Damage

Tenants may sue you if they think that your failure to upkeep and maintain the rental property caused damage to their property. When the claim is high, you may decide to refer the matter to your insurance and their obligation to provide a lawyer. However, when the claim is low you’ll more than likely want to handle it yourself, but could still benefit from advice given by an lawyer.

Defending Your Reputation

If a crime or incident occurs on your property with a tenant or if one of your employees is accusing you or commits a crime, your business could suffer from the negative publicity. After any of these examples of incidences occur, you should speak with a lawyer. Public relations are a specific area of depending companies and people when it comes to the media, and a lawyer can combat these allegations. The lawyer that you hire can advise you what to not say or say to the press because press isn’t always a bad or good thing.

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