Why Hire a Missouri Attorney to Perform Collections Services?

Traditionally, business creditors collected their accounts receivable by attempting it themselves first, then hiring a collection agency and finally engaging a local collection attorney.

For most commercial debt, engaging a local collections law firm very early in the process is preferable to hiring a local or national collection agency.

Collection agencies specialize in sending letters to debtors. Many debtors know they can ignore these repetitive letters. When a debtor receives a demand from an attorney it often gets a response much more frequently than a collection agency form letter.

Many debtors who owe money to numerous creditors often pay those represented by a Missouri collection law firm first.

Some collection agencies offer legal services to their customers but very often will charge a suit fee or an “activator” fee when a matter goes “legal”. Many agencies have a contract period or required minimum number of placements. Our law firm does not have such minimums.

Why Hire Us - Missouri Collection Agencies

Our Law Firm Is More Effective Than A Collection Agency

Hiring a law firm to represent you in collection matters has several advantages. Suit is promptly filed after a demand letter is sent and any statutory dispute period has expired. Verification of the debt is promptly provided when disputes exist. Meaningful, achievable payment plans are negotiated and monitored for compliance. Collection lawyers can obtain and enforce legal judgments.

An attorney understands the legal implications when commercial debtors dispute a debt and the necessary elements of validation and proof. A Missouri debt collection attorney can evaluate the legal collectability of your claim at an early stage including relevant statutes of limitations or weak documentary evidence issues.

Springfield Missouri collection attorneys can file judgment liens and post judgment garnishment proceedings, including issuing subpoenas and conducting depositions of judgment debtors for those who owe them money.

Lawyers are governed by state rules of ethics and professionalism and subject to sanctions by the court for improper handling of client’s affairs or funds. Furthermore commercial debt attorneys understand the legal implications of probate proceedings, bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure or tax write offs, etc. as part of their practice. We are also available as a general resource for legal questions affecting the businesses and professions of our clients and their employees, etc.

A law firm is available to review and revise clients’ contracts, credit applications or form agreements with their customers to address or avoid potential problems before they occur. As good walls can make for good neighbors, a solid credit application or contract makes for good debtor/creditor relations.

All collections monies received by our firm are deposited into our attorney’s IOLTA Trust Account and net recovery payments are remitted monthly to our clients by check.

Serving clients throughout Missouri and Northwest Arkansas region with our trusted Business Debt Collection lawyer.

Pursuing a claim through the legal process can be a complicated matter involving time, money and effort. When you use the legal process to collect your debt, it is critical to work with an experienced firm that is cost-effective and gets results.  Our office provides quality, professional legal services focused on collections and related legal issues.